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Unlock the potential for product development competitiveness with our Chief Value Officer (CVO) offering. Our proven methods have transformed numerous organizations, empowering leaders to redefine excellence and leapfrog the competition.

Proven Excellence, Real Results

Our CVO approach is not just theory or bold claims; it's backed by real-world success. Through rapid feedback, dynamic adaptability, and a relentless focus on real, useful results, we equip you to lead with confidence and optimise the value your products deliver. Explore our CVO services below and join a community of leaders who have achieved measurable success through our proven methodologies.

CVO is here to guide you toward achieving radically improved outcomes in your product development efforts. When you choose CVO, you can look forward to:

  • Enhanced Control: Gain a new kind of control over your projects, ensuring you achieve the desired results
  • Success and Resilience: Make it with proven, industrial-grade strategies for digital product development. Make large-scale failure impossible!
  • Clear ROI Insights: Obtain invaluable insights into the ROI of your development efforts, enabling smarter resource allocation
  • Continuous Value Growth: Establish the capability to consistently deliver a stream of measurable value improvements
  • Free from scale: Streamline your development process to thrive at any scale
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Empower your management teams to create highly effective organisational systems for achieving expected results

Imagine a future where your product development is marked by your trust in your product development, measurable success, a new level of control and effectiveness. This is the new reality that awaits you with CVO. Let's delve deeper into the range of rapidly deployable Chief Value Officer services to make this happen for your organization. Read on!

CVO Value Catalyst

Embark on a 30-day subscription-based journey where you'll retain asynchronous access to our expert advice and be introduced to the CVO Value Management approach. You'll be flying solo, with us just a short radio call away. It's the perfect way to get you and your staff acquainted with the navigation tools.

Ideal for: Product development leaders determined to lead their organisation into new heights with very light, external support.

Price: 10.000SEK / 1.000€ monthly

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What do you get?

  • 30 day subscription, cancel anytime
  • Initial CVO Value Management assessment
  • 1 hour initial meeting
  • Asynchronous access to our advice

How does it work?

  • You fill in the CVO Value Management Survey to provide context and description of current state
  • We meet for 1h, discuss the survey and choose what the are of focus should be for the coming 30 days
  • Based on your priorities, you get a set of suggested next steps to act on and supporting material
  • During the subscription you have asynchronous access for additional advice if needed, with next business day response guarantee.
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CVO Value Strategist

Our 90-day coaching program is like a flight school for product development leaders. We'll work closely with a designated leader, helping them achieve a set of results we agree on with CVO's Value Management approach tailored just for your needs.

Ideal for: Those leaders ready to pilot the value management journey with a dedicated co-pilot.

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What do you get?

  • During 90 days we work directly with you or a single person you appoint
  • Weekly online coaching session
  • Async access

How does it work?

  • You fill in the CVO Value Management Survey to provide context and description of current state
  • We perform a CVO Value Management diagnosis
    • Initial 60-minute deep dive session based on the survey and any available documentation (such as plans, specifications, roadmaps, contracts)
  • Co-create Improvement Roadmap
    • 3-page management summary
      • Quantified critical objectives and top strategies to get there
      • Supported by a structured and quantified impact analysis ("Impact Estimation")
  • During the 90 days, we meet weekly to review your progress, mitigate issues, adapt the plan and discuss next steps
  • Contact me asynchronously for additional advice if needed, with next business day response guarantee.

CVO Value Fast Track

Our "Value Fast Track" service is your express route to product development excellence and measurable growth. In this dynamic 90-day program, we take a hands-on approach, working closely with your team to implement the Chief Value Officer's Value Management approach.

Ideal for: Organizations seeking a rapid ascent to value optimization.

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What do you get?

  • During 90 days I work directly with up to 5 persons
  • Weekly online working session
  • Hands-on work including workshops and trainings (customisable)
  • Async access

How does it work?

  • Same as Value Strategist, PLUS:
  • Hands-on support with implementing the improvement strategies
  • 1x CVO Value Management Workshop
  • 1x Take-off week to kickstart a new initiative / reset a struggling initiative of your choosing using our CVO Value Management approach

Fractional CVO

Imagine having a seasoned Chief Value Officer on board two days a week, steering your organization toward value excellence. Our Fractional CVO service ensures you have an experienced pilot in the cockpit making sure you get to your desired destination.

Ideal for: Organizations looking for consistent guidance and support on their value management journey for fraction of the typical, full-time cost.

More details

What do you get?

  • Minimum 90 days
  • All hands-on work covered
  • Up to 2 days a week

How does it work?

  • You assign us the responsibility as your Chief Value Officer to lead the improvement work to optimise your organisation’s value delivery capability
  • We conduct the initial CVO Value Management diagnosis for you
  • Co-creation of an Improvement Roadmap tailored for your organisation
    • 3-page management summary
    • Your quantified critical objectives & our Top suggested strategies to get there
    • Supported by a structured and quantified impact analysis ("Impact Estimation")
  • We lead the implementation of the improvement strategies hands-on
  • Facilitation of CVO Value Management workshops as needed for the management team(s)
  • Where needed, facilitation of “Take-off weeks” to kickstart new/reset struggling initiatives using the CVO Value Management approach
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